Better Bridgeport is pleased to announce its endorsement of three candidates running this year for the City Council and five candidates running for the Board of Education.

For City Council, Better Bridgeport endorses Kyle Langan in the 132nd Council District (West Side-Brooklawn). Better Bridgeport also endorses Pete Spain and Christina Smith, both running for City Council in the 130th Council District (Black Rock-West End). All three candidates are running for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the September 12 primary election.

For the Board of Education, whose members are elected at large throughout the city, Better Bridgeport endorses JoAnn Kennedy, Eric Stewart-Alicea, and Helen Losak for the Democratic nomination and also endorses Chris Taylor and Joseph Sokolovic for the Republican nomination.

Candidates were selected for endorsement after they answered in writing an extensive set of questions from Better Bridgeport and submitted to personal interviews.


Kyle Langan

I am humbled and energized by Better Bridgeport’s endorsement. Groups like Better Bridgeport are a testament to the way citizens can organize, be involved and hold government accountable. I commit to being honest and communicative with the goal of building community power to tackle the complex problems we face. Thank you!”

Meet Kyle Langan!

Why he running for City Council? From Kyle himself:

“I’m passionate about this city and I believe in its capability to be an example nationally for the power of diverse cultures working together. Since moving back I’ve done everything possible to educate myself about the education, economic, societal and political landscape in our city. I show up. I’m honest and I will work hard to work with all people to improve the outcomes for the citizens of Bridgeport.

More about him:
He is proud to have been born and raised in Bridgeport, and is often seen around town sporting Bridgeport gear. Kyle is currently an 8th grade literature teacher in Bridgeport at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, but did you know that while at university, he founded a music event production, marketing and artist management company, The Brain Trust LLC, which still exists to this day?

Read more about Kyle: 


Pete Spain

“I’m truly honored to be endorsed by Better Bridgeport for my run for City Council for the 130th. It’s a growing group of Bridgeport citizens from four or more different districts, including Downtown, Treeland, Brooklawn, and Black Rock. They are dedicated to making our city government work for us. Better Bridgeport recognizes that active, engaged, evidence-based, and demanding citizenry is a necessity to building a better future for Bridgeport.

“When I decided to run for Council in May, the first thing I did was to step down from this group, which I’d been a part of since 2013. Under the new leadership of Jeanine Oburchay, Better Bridgeport is thriving and expanding.

“We — from all walks of life and of all ages in our district and city — must come together for real progress now. We must have the courage to come out of our comfort zones to repudiate the substandard status quo and to insist on credible, open, accountable, and competent representatives. I urge all registered Democrats in the 130th to make your voice heard in our Democratic Primary on September 12th. Vote Smith and Spain for City Council.” 

Pete Spain is running to represent you on the City Council because …

“Constituents and their issues come first,” Pete explains. “When Bridgeport’s political bosses want to keep underfunding our schools and libraries, and pad the budget with hidden waste and crony patronage instead, I will vote ‘No’, and insist on a better way. … if the Mayor or the Council President can’t justify their proposals, then they won’t get my vote. That vote belongs to you. Yes, building bridges and a consensus are key in our business; but so is assuring that the terms are fair, financially sound, and, to the greatest extent possible, beneficial to all involved.”



Christina Smith

“We are thankful for the endorsement, and will work hard to win the election so that we can do what’s needed to make Bridgeport better.”

Christina Smith is running for City Council for the 130th district because, in her words, she wants “to be part of making Bridgeport a place that everyone can feel proud to call home.”

She grew up on the corner of Pembroke Street and Stratford Avenue in Bridgeport, at the current site of Bass Pro Shops. Christina attended Hall Neighborhood and Multicultural Magnet as a child before her mom moved in the late ’80s for better opportunities for her children. A child of Jamaican parents who came to Connecticut in the 70’s for better opportunity, she believes in working hard to achieve success even when barriers are placed in front of her. Smith believes in applying this same mindset when it comes working to make Bridgeport better. Despite the city’s financial challenges, she believes that working diligently to rethink ways to tackle the city’s issues can help with revitalizing the city overall.


 Joseph Sokolovic

“Thank you for your endorsement I promise not to let the city’s children down.  Again I thank you and your group for supporting my campaign. I promise to always put pupils before politics in my decision making.”